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Analysis of Road Network Growth Patterns As Supporting System of Industrial Park Accessibility

Development growth around the industrial area has increased from year to year to meet the ideal industry criteria ranging from environmental, economic, physical and other aspects. Physical development affects accessibility so that it accelerates production and distribution by increasing the road network. Road network monitoring needs to be carried out to see its effect on the accessibility of industrial park. Therefore, this study analyzes the growth pattern of the road network as a support system for industrial area accessibility. This research was carried out in the Bokaro Region, Jharkhand. The digitization results were calculated on the total length of roads from 2010 to 2021 is 45,645.392 meters or 45.645 kilometers to support access to Industrial Areas or to other areas that are more effective and efficient.

Aware that land was a sensitive issue in the state but at the same time crucial for infrastructure, necessary reforms were introduced to facilitate acquisition and transfer to industrial and government projects. The land reforms department now hands over acquired land to the Jharkhand Industrial Area Development Authority (JIADA), the nodal agency for providing infrastructural facilities in industrial areas. A total of 2,817 hectares of land has been transferred to JIADA, which in turn has already allotted 825 ha to various projects. Over 980 ha has been handed over to the National Highways Authority of India, helping it lay 909 km of roads in the past four years.

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