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Allots Land for Industries

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Planned Development of Industrial Area

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Land / Sheds in growth centres, Industrial areas, etc. would be allotted to entrepreneurs for setting their industrial units on lease of 30 years on annual rent with the facility of renewal. The rent payable for land so allotted would be subjected to revision after every 10 years. The land/sheds allotted for the purpose of setting up of Industrial unit shall not be allowed to be used for any other purpose other than the purpose for which the land has been leased. It would also be ensured that land is allotted as per the actual requirement. However, the terms and conditions of the lease deed shall be determined by the Industry department.

The State Government shall constitute a "Land Bank" at District level to make available the required land to intending entrepreneurs to overcome the delay in land acquisition process.

Waste land / Degraded forest land may be made available by the State Government on long term lease basis after taking prior approval from the Government of India under section '2' of Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 wherever required, for plantation development / tourism purposes which will encourage forest based / tourism industries.


The State Government will assist the entrepreneurs in providing land and also in acquiring land for locating industrial units outside industrial areas / growth centres. Enabling amendment in Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act 1908 has already been made to facilitate setting up of any unit for industrial purpose or for the purpose of mining (Bihar Act 2 of 1996). Similarly, enabling amendments have already been made in the Bihar Tenancy Act authorizing conversion of agricultural land.

The Government shall encourage such entrepreneurs by providing approach road , in case of those industries where minimum investment in plant and machinery is Rs. one crore. However, the cost involved in providing such communication facility shall be subject to a limit of 20% of such investment or maximum limit of Rs. 25 lakhs whichever is lower.


Allotment of Government land at times gets delayed mainly on account of the fact that the competent authority is required to make references to a number of departments before taking a view in the matter.

To expedite the process, number of inter departmental references would be minimized along with decentralization of powers to the level of Collectors.

Collectors would maintain detailed information regarding all available Government land in the district in the form of 'Land Bank'. While the Collectors would be authorized to allot up to 5 acres of Government land for industrial purpose, Government land in excess of 5 acres would be leased to entrepreneurs with the approval of the High Level Empowered Committee headed by the Member, Board of Revenue. The land would be allotted at predetermined rates.

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